An indoor balcony garden.

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indoor garden

Indoor Garden

indoor garden

indoor garden

Grey accents to dress up your living space. <3 the hanging lamp. <3 the grey couch. <3 the basket and the stool. Not so sure about the hanging plants though. How do I water it and will water be dripping down my back when I sit on the couch? :P

15 Fabulous Indoor Garden Ideas

Indoor garden

17 Indoor Cactus Gardens

17 Indoor Cactus Gardens

Hanging indoor garden.

17 Indoor Cactus Gardens

Indoor gardens? Sure, we can get on board with that.

Creative DIY Indoor Gardens

26 Mini Indoor Garden Ideas To Green Your HomeStudioAflo | Interior Design Ideas | StudioAflo | Interior Design Ideas

Atrium - Indoor Garden


Large Indoor Plants for Interior Landscaping by Plantscape Inc.

Creative DIY Indoor Gardens It may be too labor intensive, but I've seen them and they are beautiful.

Indoor Atrium with windows