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green wall

Vertical garden

fabulous vertical garden wall

spray painted concrete planters Budget Backyard: 10 Ways to Use Cheap Concrete Cinder Blocks Outdoors | Apartment Therapy(~.~) 2B

Keep it simple and make a statement outdoors. Layer pots planted with single plants in various hues and textures

Pretty Cool with a couple modifications.. I would use transparent string and moss the bottom. Fairly messy under it, especially when/after watering one would think. But neat idea.

Love this. Indoor garden separates living room and bedroom. Indoor landscaping. I would love to walk through that in the morning. Casa Grecia by Isay Weinfeld


Vertical Garden

Indoor Vertical Garden, anyone?

Vertical garden

DIY Vertical garden planter wall idea

Vertical garden

indoor vertical garden - no room inside my house, but a great idea for a courtyard.

vertical garden

Green wall

Love how you can have a whole beautiful garden using the space on a wall! Vertical planter wall in your garden or patio is amazing.


Get that beautiful botanical look in your home. Artificial vertical gardens are easy to install and are completely maintenance free. They offer plenty more color, texture and ambiance wallpaper of paint.

vertical garden from old crates, Cool Vertical Gardening Ideas, http://hative.com/cool-vertical-gardening-ideas/,