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Buy the ticket; take the ride . . .   Hunter S. Thomson   (click on the picture to start the ride)

I never want to lose that top of the rollercoaster feeling.

Times Square

Times Square

I ♥ Dreamcatchers

Make a huge dream catcher to put in front window. Great way for people to find the place and goes with dreamy art theme. Could include phrase dreams work when you do How To Make A Dream Catcher

roller coaster

learn to not be scared of roller coasters because I am oh so scared

Outdoor seating is a must!

Here is a collection of incredible GIF Animated Photography by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. The photo's are taken by photographer Jamie Beck & motion graphics artist Kevin Burg turns the photo's into elegant works of


tangled lantern scene C'MON now tell me this wasn't the most tear jerking romantic moment of an animated film ever?

beesandbombs: spiral sphere

beesandbombs: “ spiral sphere ” from the archive >:) kinda has that “which way is the dancer spinning” thing going doesn’t it?