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    • Nicole Ngo

      Dear Niall, if I'm about to give birth to our child you better get you arse over here and help me or I am not cooking for you. Sincerely, your future wife ♥

    • Nicole Lafferty

      Bahah although the only reason there was no reaction is because he knew it was a prank

    • Olivia XP

      *eats popcorn and watches woman give childbirth*

    • Caroline Forrest

      hahahahha not my baby not my problem :)

    • Frannie Dyer

      not my baby, not my problem hahaha

    • Kialee Johnson

      not my baby...not my problem

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    one of my favourite parts of the video!

    bahahaha THIS

    “THE BABY IS COMING RIGHT NOW" Niall's just like good luck with that, I'm just gonna sit here in watch.

    Nialler. I love you.

    Then I'd cry and he'd help me up then we get married.



    Yeah, No. Same old adorable loveable Harry ♥ xx

    Niall imagine

    hahahahahaha that video was hilarious!!

    Explaining the wax figure prank. Zayn isn't very confident in their abilities.

    Luxie and Nialler!!!! Omg this is adorable. ♥

    Not my baby lol

    hahahh he wanted no part of it #onedirection #niallhoran

    Oh my gosh!

    Im not kidding once i was in the hospital seeing a surgery ans it was a female and the doctors were talking to us about pregnancy and one said your baby will have a womb with a view and it was so awkward i laughed like a seal Niall XD -Emily

    Thats defiantly something I would do