one of my favourite parts of the video!

bahahaha THIS

Not my baby lol

Explaining the wax figure prank. Zayn isn't very confident in their abilities.

I remember :)

Then I'd cry and he'd help me up then we get married.

thank you for your lovely comments and i won't leave, I've been asked to post facts. so i will for ten comments for things you wow possibly want me to post. ~mac.

“THE BABY IS COMING RIGHT NOW" Niall's just like good luck with that, I'm just gonna sit here in watch.

hahahahahaha that video was hilarious!!

Nialler. I love you.

Thats defiantly something I would do

One Direction helps deliver a they thought!

I advise you to take a moment and look at each boys' reaction individually because its gold.


AWWWW cutest thing I've ever seen!! (GIF)

Their reaction ahahah


Luxie and Nialler!!!! Omg this is adorable. <3