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Had I been American, I would have voted for Obama twice. I'm glad this is one regret I don't have to live with.

What is Obama thinking??? He kicks out Russians and welcomes in terrorists with the illegal aliens. He knows the terrorists are coming across the border with the illegal aliens...they told him they were coming!

A true Muslim follows Islam. Islam teaches HATE & comes from EVIL. If they do not follow Islam and all of its laws, then they are not a true Muslim, and they, themselves, are in danger. often times, at the very hands of their own family members! in the end, whose life do you think that they will choose? Theirs or their neighbor's-- their non-muslim neighbors?

Leaders of Jordan, Russia, Israel, and the USA... Obama is an embarrassment.

Staying in America... #Trump #Trumptrain

AND so the internet can be CENSORED. #FreeSpeech !

We are blessed by this outstanding leader. We are grateful to our President elect, Donald Trump!