80s braided ribbon barrettes// mom would make me some but put beads on the end of ribbon. Favorite pair were rainbow.

Tretorn Tennis Shoes

Sneaker Roller Skates, I always wanted these!!

Had a blue pair and they were soooo uncomfortable! They must gave been pretty bad if I remember being uncomfortable in footwear at 8 years old!

star stickers for good work. Oh how I loved to get these.

Pearl Drops Tooth Polish, loved this "fancy" toothpaste!

remember these??

Tennis Shoes

First day of kindergarten, saddle shoes. I can see why my mom made me wear them. They are charming.

Loved these !!!


Tretorn's were my shoe of choice.

Judy Blume

Jelly shoes!

Jellies made your feet sweat and you slid around when you walked. lol

Loved these shoes!

I think we should bring Tretorn shoes back. I had every color!

Nina 'Bonnett' Mary Jane (Walker, Toddler & Little Kid) available at #Nordstrom

Had a pair - loved my Dr. Scholls