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    Latest book I am reading

    The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

    Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

    Funny with some pseudo science to support his claims

    Functional Medicine = Chinese medicine

    This is another book that is challenging our current paradigm on gene theory and that it is more about what you express (epigenetic) than what you have (genes). Bruce Lipton is a fabulous presenter. His lectures are both informative and humorous. Worth reading.

    So maybe we cannot blame our genes after all. It is not so much what you have when it comes to genes but what you express. If you prefer to remain and victim and blame your health and personality flaws on your genes then do not read this book. If you want to feel inspired and motivated to take control of your physical and mental well being through diet, lifestyle and mindfulness techniques then this is a must read.

    After completeing my training as a clinical hypnotherapist I immediately organized a workshop for hypnotherapist who want to increase their skills on using hypnosis for fertility. James came to Vancouver and taught 12 of us his 5 session approach using hypnosis for fertility. We have James book in our lending library and also sell his book. I also add acupuncture to my hypnosis and call it "hypnopuncture". If you are struggling with fertility I highly recommend his book.

    I spent a few days hanging out with Jill in her clinic in New York. She is wonderful. And her book is great resource too. We have it in the lending library and we also sell it too. I own my signed copy by Jill Blakeway.

    Randine Lewis was one of my first mentors. I read this book when it was in its draft form. It is still relevant today and we offer in the lending library as well as sell it. I have my own signed copy by Randine :-) We have some videos by randine on acubalance as well.

    Do you believe you will be happy once you are successful or is that happy people are successful? I offer this book in the lending library. I have implemented many of the exercises personally for years and also teach them to couples I see in my practice. If you want to be happy, read this book and practice the tools Shawn shares with the readers. I own it in audio and hard copy. Must read!!!

    Basically we are creature of habits. If seek change in your life then you need to do things differently. This book is an easy read but the exercises require effort. It is so worth it though. If you want to experience success in your life this is the best book on the market. This applies to aspects of your life... health, family, happiness and wealth. I own it in audio and print. This book is in the lending library and also for sale through Acubalance.

    This book follows a similar approach we use at Acubalance for Fertility. Basically, the book could be called Spontaneous Fertility or Spontaneous weight loss or Spontaneous deep sleep etc. If you want to learn tools like diet, mind body techniques and supplements to improve your mental and physical wellbeing then this is a great read. I won it in audio, and print. This book is in the lending library.