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Really though, I need some glow in the dark makeup so this can happen. It's not like I've been wanting to try it for a year or anything.

Purple / Lilac / Pink Rhinestone Makeup....personally I would do a regular smokey eye

UV paint- invisible/pale in normal light, comes alive using black light...

Don't know that I would actually wear it, but the colors are so pretty!

"Rave paint" i've always wanted to go. this would be nice to draw/paint

"Everybody come, because we need more, hardcore! MAYDAY! RAVERS IN THE UK!!"

This is what I feel like now. Half of me is still trying to fit into "normal" life.

not sure what has possessed me to like these but i do! for those of you who know me well, ya think these would match my beloved pink/purple flannel moo moo?

Not dark, but pastel-Goth for sure. Love the top hat and often when you go to venues like Defqon in Australia, they make do with the 100 degree weather.

Wanna make this one of my outfits for lights all night. Cute!