• Beckie Stevenson

    Which way the bus is going? - Funny question about a drawing of a bus. Which way the bus is going? This question was asked to children of preschool in the USA. 90% responded right. - I couldn't figure it out when I looked at it so I feel stupid!

  • Marianne Maurer

    Which way is the bus going? Right or left? Can't you find? Look at the picture again. Still don't know? o.O This question was asked to children of preschool, in the USA, with the same picture. 90% of them ersponded that the bus was goign left. When asked, “Why?" they said “Because you can’t see the door to get on the bus.” How do you feel now? I know, me too.

  • Sarah Erb

    mind blown

  • Donna Whitney

    Bus door. ...I feel dumb...

  • Emmaline Beets

    Which way is the bus going? Smart kids

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