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Hunger Games Drop It Like It's Hot shirt by BouncyBumbleBoutique, $20.00 love it!!!!!! HUNGER GAMES <3

Hunger Games Headcannon # 27. Oh my god this quote

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I think every girl wants a guy to say this about her. Peeta mellark....Probably my favorite quote through the entire series.

Look how Peeta is gazing at their hands, like he can't believe, with everything happening, this one good thing is came out of it.

Haha they're so funny together. Still think Liams way hot though... :)

Letter to Katniss, from her father... Woah. "I knew you were like me and would fall for the dandelion" <3

Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mallark | Holding hands | Before, during, after | The Hunger Games | Catching fire | Mockingjay | Love

Thanksholding three fingers to the lips: it means thanks, admiration, and good-bye to someone you love. awesome pin