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Having a bad day? Just look at how happy these guys are!!

I just want to hug him!!!! Thanks to all the thugs in the world that give these poor pitbulls a bad name & how they are treated, so because of this stupidity! Save a pitbull they didn't ask to be raised this way, they just want to be loved just like any other dog..Please help stop the abuse of pits & all animals

12 Extreme Animal Hairstyles - (extreme animal, animal hairstyle...)

Cryptic Facebook Status Updates

Think before you hashtag, people. Also, hashtags mean nothing on Facebook so stop it.

I could see my dog making this face at me

I'm a professional Facebook stalker. It's no secret.

damn you Sara Mgclauklin and your pictures of sad puppies.

I know right? It's like, really, there's no way I could have known it was snowing without ALL of my friends online telling me? That would mean that I'd have to look outside a window on my own, and we all know that's just too hard.

Lol so how I feel after someone uses more than 2 hash tags to describe one dang picture. Pretty soon kids are going to be saying hash tag before every word because that's what they read

westie in a bag - I want the tote and especially the Westie!