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"Girls, this seriously works!!! If you have long hair like me, 3 sections works best. I also tucked in the ends of the first two sections into my ponytail holder, and pinned the last one around all of them. Perfect!!!" Saving. ;)

gorgeous hair and make up. love the messy fishtail and thick eyebrows.

so pretty.... purple blue teal mint turquoise -y colors .. ombre.. ombre ombre ombre ombre haha so so pretty

easy bed head hair tutorial! Fantastic for short or medium length locks! #hair #bedhead

Wow. Love the hair, love the lip color (finally a good red for redheads with pale skin). Love the shirt, although I'd use more of the

24 Hair Products That Actually Work- I have tried a few of these and the claims ring true!! But I dont know where to buy half of them

Braided Bangs and Long Hair... I want my long hair back!

some day i really want to be able to do this with my hair... ♥

Pretty nude shade of Yves Saint Laurent lipstick.

Gorgeous & simple smudgey smokey eye with a bronze-cream shadow. Just use a dark grey pencil and smudge instead of a drastic liquid liner. Use any color shadow that compliments your eye color. This seriously takes 5 min tops. I do it everyday :)