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Studio 5 - Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Cake

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Studio 5 - Pumpkin Cake

Chef Becky shows us what we can do with all of those left over pumpkins from Halloween.


Studio 5 - Strawberry Angel Food Cake

Bring chocolate and strawberries together with this spring delight! Becky Low shares her unique angel food cake recipe.


Studio 5 - Chunky Monkey Cake

Impress guests with a pretty layer cake, smothered in candy! Marta Nielsen shares how to make a wonderful Chunky Monkey Cake.


Studio 5 - Fresh Peach Bundt Cake

Move over peach pie, we have the fresh peach recipe that will soon be your new favorite. Chef Kimberly Larsen from Harmons shares one of her favorite recipes for a fresh peach bundt cake.


Studio 5 - Coconut Cream Cake

This Coconut Cream Cake is a to-die-for dessert! </br></br> Wendy Paul, author of 101 Gourmet Cakes, shares the recipe for this melt-in-your-mouth dish. </br></br> For more delicious recipes from Wendy, visit <a href=

from Chef in Training

Samoa Sheet Cake

Samoa Sheet Cake... this has been deemed one of "Chef in Training"'s Top 5 favorite recipes on her blog! It is one of the best desserts you will ever taste!

from Chocolate Chocolate and More!

Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Cake

Butterfinger Cookie Dough Truffles - no bake cookie dough truffles filled with Butterfinger Bars and dipped in chocolate