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    • Debbie Kerr

      Bull mastiff/ golden retriever puppy!

    • Kimberly Roche

      Who wouldn't fall in love with this cute little puppy?!?!

    • Joan Gray

      Mixed breed puppy - This little guy's going to be big!

    • Kim Williams

      via the Daily Puppy Puppy Breed: Bullmastiff / Golden Retriever Dozer is a big, loving pup who still thinks he's small enough to sit on your lap! He loves to swim and run around the yard, chew up tree branches and dig holes. Dozer is a bull mastiff / golden retriever mix. We wouldn't trade him for any other dog. We have two other dogs and a three-year-old daughter and we're just more complete with our Dozer.

    • Marissa Murphy

      Reminds me of my old dog Smokey =)

    • Meredith Walsh

      Daily cute puppy picture

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