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    Teaching kids about pollination

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    Toothpaste Squirt Lesson for teaching kids not to be rude and put down others....OMG I did this on the first day of school and it really stuck with the kids

    This is an online version of 'Sid The Seed' by Daniel R. Pagan. Sid loves his home underground, and does not want to grow up and venture into the big world outside until......... This is a beautiful rhyming story with multiple teaching points, and an inspiration for young children who are waiting to grow up to be the best they can be!

    This site about the moon is VERY kid friendly! If you are teaching about the moon don't miss this one! More on this post!

    Teach Kids To Speak Science!

    Water Cycle Video. This video does not have dialogue to it, only music: however, use this video as an opportunity to have your students or children tell the parts of the water cycle as they are happening on the screen. Very cute and easy way to understand the workings of the water cycle in a nutshell.

    Teach From The Heart: Shows an awesome way to show kids how pollination works. Hand into cheesy puff snack to get "nectar" candy at bottom. Then reach for more nectar on a paper towel flower and see the pollen left behind. Cool!

    Concrete way to learn about where you live

    great website on teaching about soil. lots of free printables and activities.

    Pollination - totally doing this after spring break!

    Pollination. Dig through the cheese puffs to get to the starburst. :)!

    Reach for the stars- kids can write their goals on their hand at the start of the year. LOVE this!

    cloud lesson

    Learning About Landforms: Lots of ideas for teaching and writing about landforms.

    Good for Dental Health Month...February Teaching The Importance of Teeth Health - Here is a great objective lesson teaching preschool and early elementary education aged children about the importance of teeth health! With hands on activities it’s not only educational but fun! Perfect for a homeschool lesson or just as an afternoon activity!

    This is a PBL teaching students about the states of matter. This would be good for a first or second grade class.

    Teaching Fairness--bandaid activity I will be doing this as soon as I hear one kid groan that somethings not fair

    The Heat Loss Project: A STEM Exploration

    Earth Model Project: Love this idea for teaching the layers of the earth. Will have to remember for the Geology book.