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Teaching kids about pollination

Teach From The Heart: Shows an awesome way to show kids how pollination works. Hand into cheesy puff snack to get "nectar" candy at bottom. Then reach for more nectar on a paper towel flower and see the pollen left behind. Cool!

Cheetos Pollination I love this idea. I normally used stickers in an activity to teach pollination. This so such a great idea, and the kids will love to eat the Cheetos.

teaching home economics ~ lots of links with ideas for home ec for both boys and girls and different ages.

Pollination power! A fun activity using juice boxes and Cheetos to demonstrate how insects help to pollinate flowers.

Make these True/False double sided placards for a game.

This link takes you to The Magic School Bus episode about plant growth and change. This is an excellent video for teaching the plant life cycle.

Teaching Fairness--bandaid activity I will be doing this as soon as I hear one kid groan that somethings not fair

The Needs of a Plant (song for kids about 5 things plants need to live)

Froggy, Froggy! (a song for kids about the frog life cycle, etc...) - YouTube

Really cool introduction to cells video.

Ed 325 - What is a pulley - Simple Machines

This site about the moon is VERY kid friendly! If you are teaching about the moon don't miss this one! More on this post!

Brain Break...This is so fun!

Types of Rocks Video for Kids

Teach Kids To Speak Science!

Plants: have, need, give. Great idea for comparing and contrasting various species of plants or animals.

SOOOOO CUTE for Astronomy

Ed 325 - Experiment to show kids how layers of blubber on animals keeps them warm in cold water. I never would have thought of this myself!