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Teaching kids about pollination

Cheetos Pollination I love this idea. I normally used stickers in an activity to teach pollination. This so such a great idea, and the kids will love to eat the Cheetos.

Teach From The Heart: Shows an awesome way to show kids how pollination works. Hand into cheesy puff snack to get "nectar" candy at bottom. Then reach for more nectar on a paper towel flower and see the pollen left behind. Cool!

Learning about Pollination - use juice boxes to make flowers, students drink nectar, eat cheetos without wiping hands for pollen, go to other flowers, and the "pollen" will stick - From Second Grade Shenanigans

pollination experiment. Place cheetos (maybe doritos or other chips too) in different bags and have kids reach in and grab one chip from several brown bags of chips without licking, washing, or wiping their hands. At the end have them wipe their hands on a paper flower (white) to see how pollination spreads.

Pollination power! A fun activity using juice boxes and Cheetos to demonstrate how insects help to pollinate flowers.

This post has some great ideas for helping get things done at school and taking home less.

great website on teaching about soil. lots of free printables and activities.

Pollination. Dig through the cheese puffs to get to the starburst. :)!

I love her brain break video clips!...If you play these vids you will easily be the coolest teacher in the building!

Oh' Boy 4th Grade: Write notes on kids' desks with white board markers. I would save so many post-its if I did this instead!

Pollination - totally doing this after spring break!

lists of the best books on plants for kids

Here's a terrific experiment on soil erosion. Incudes clear text and visual directions.

This is an online version of 'Sid The Seed' by Daniel R. Pagan. Sid loves his home underground, and does not want to grow up and venture into the big world outside until......... This is a beautiful rhyming story with multiple teaching points, and an inspiration for young children who are waiting to grow up to be the best they can be!

Learning About Landforms: Lots of ideas for teaching and writing about landforms.

Liking the tree stumps in this quiet area, great for a home library for kids to study in.

friction experiments