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  • Elisha Onstott

    pretty sad when people know logos better than plants

  • Refried Hippie

    Stupid people... I know a few of the names of the plants but not all of them. Why do we know the names of materials yet not the plants that give us life?

  • magus horselover

    Name these brands; Name these plants. friend of mine posted this on facebook a few years ago. funny. sad as well.

  • Fabrizio Checchini

    The media controls the mind. It is sad that people can probably name all brands but not all plants.

  • Ky

    This slaps you in the face with reality

  • Amelia Fizer

    Maple, Ash, Spruce, Oak, Birch... and maybe elm? But yea, the name brands were a lot easier to recognize...

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