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You and I are more than friends. We’re like a really small gang.

ok so my two friends are in a little feud over which one of them im gonna live with when i can, and i told my one friend that the other one wants me to live with them..... then she licked me and said, "i licked you, therefore, you are now my property" <<<yes I did like you u are mine mine mine hanna!!!

Shut up I think you are gorgeous or he said You are gorgeous, beautiful, hot, pretty OK BABE......he use to always say that to me....miss those days

I keep seeing things and going "Oh man, that's so [insert character here]. I'd better make a board..." So yeah. Here we are.

Small gang// @Simona Dedek Špakovaitė @Dovil? Pauliukait? Blazyte @Laura Jayson Norkutė @Ashley Newmanė Kuzmaitytė @Justina Balnaite Sriubaite @Stacey Richardson-Banks Šiatkutė

I'm about due for a shopping spree! 90 percent of my things were destroyed in the fire last year, and we couldn't afford to repurchase anything (our insurance company sucked)! Honestly, I'd be happy with $500 right now so I can buy new clothes and such for spring!

This should say the cast of Bugsy Malone because if I said, "awkward turtles, leotard, YOU SIT DOWN AND YOU SIT, "or it's funny cause it's true" in a conersation, no one else would get it.... Aint that right Julie, Mckenna, Holly, Heather, Savannah, and Lucy??!!?!!?