Flattening glass bottles and turning them into clocks

Flattened Bottles

Flattened Bottle Cheese Plate

Flattened Coke Bottle

Flattened beer bottles

flatten bottles to make beautiful trayes

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Windchime made from heated and flattened beer bottles

You can flatten a glass bottle in a toaster oven in thirty-two hours' time. You can use flattened glass bottles as a spoon rest for cooking, a serving platter, or as a wall hanging. Read more: How to Flatten Glass Bottles | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4927052_flatten-glass-bottles.html#ixzz1mtnfzwy2

Flattened glass bottle in convection oven

Turn a wine bottle into a lighting accent – After the Party: 5 Ways to Upcycle Wine Bottles @ DIY Home Ideas

mutiple colors-flattened melted bottles glass windchimes

Blueprint Africa: flattened bottle chandelier

flattened bottle - jack daniels

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DIY Painted Bottle Lamp Upcycle, absolutely love how these turned out! And the coral color (Sherwin Williams Ardent Coral) is fabulous!


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Wine Bottle Lantern

wine bottle christmas tree