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12 Famous People With Autism

Famous People With Asperger's Syndrome

Watch Zuck, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, & Others In Short Film To Inspire Kids To Learn How To Code via @TechCrunch

Arthur Explains Aspergers

Children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders can get quite a lot of upsetting thoughts. Here are 50 pre-written thought bubbles that are easy to download, print and use (teachers, SLP's, anyone, not just therapists). Make a quick CBT, hands-on matching game or add a visual dimension to your work.


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Saying Sorry by a teenage girl with Aspergers LaughingWithAspergers 2 Teens. Aspergers. Awesome.

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Famous People With Asperger Syndrome


Autism Fact

WrongPlanet- one of my favorites; a community and forum for Autism and Aspergers, as well as other neurological differences.

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