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HAHA! Math nerds! <3

HAHA! Math nerds! <3

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HAHA! Math nerds! <3

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For geeks only.

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THERE ARE 26 LETTERS IN THE ALPHABET! If anyone ever asks me this question then I will tell them the alphabet.

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be rational! get real! t-shirt

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Yay math humor!

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Whats wrong? funny tumblr [via imgur] #LOL #FUNNY #HUMOR #lolfactory


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They've been enjoying it for over a hundred years.. The stir only opened 50 years ago. It makes sense cause people can still enjoy their products before the store opens.

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A practical guide to bows… Not sure why this is so funny. Possibly the look on Bilbo's face at the end.

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Their Real Names #compartirvideos #uploadfunny #videowatsapp

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Oh my cow I laughed so hard...


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Doughnut mitosis. Best thing ever.

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