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so true

What's so funny?



ha ha

Bill Cosby {I adore him} Oh my gosh....this is so funny!

who doesn't know about pinterest yet?!

The Three Rs: Rants, Raves and (Occasional) Reflections: Minion Mayhem!

ha ha.

Basket Baby - i dont always lounge in a basket but when i do i wear a headband bigger than my head


So LOVE this! Good parenting. doramaar

the good old days

If I had a store...

Funny Family Ecard: Never yell at your children when you're angry with them. Lean in close and whisper instead. It scares them more.

So frustrating and true.

Really!?! I can't stop looking at this picture and laughing.....Looks like something that would happen in our house LOL!

or computers, or cell phones, or most anything the grandchildren take for granted!

lol! Ok...I know what your thinking....but these are the backs of the bar stools!!