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  • Melissa Slape

    When someone says “fried food”, the image that forms in most people’s minds is something that is greasy and dripping with cooking oil in which the food had been fried. Truth is, properly fried food shouldn’t be greasy at all. The food should be fried at the proper temperature so that a crust-like texture quickly […]

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Fried Pickles. This is the one!! If these are as goodness Willie's, I'll be in heaven! Thank you Kathryn Nielson

Cooking en papillote (French for "in parchment") is a method of hand-sealing protein and vegetables in parchment paper, then oven-roasting them. While liquids aren't typically added to the pouch, ingredients seep out their own liquid and effectively steam in their own juices, resulting in a healthy meal that's bound to be filled with both moisture and flavor.

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Recipe : 鶏もも肉の烏龍茶蒸し/瓶に素材を入れて、鍋に入れてゆでて完成。鶏肉に浸みこんだ烏龍茶の香りを堪能