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    Early MTV. When they actually played music videos...

    • Mike Wiggins

      MTV - Remember when this station came on the air and played music videos all day and night? The Bugles "Video Killed the Radio Star" was the first video. It is so fun seeing these vintage videos now and how cheesy and low budget the early videos were.

    • Briana Book- Page

      I was never allowed to watch MTV, and don't tell my mom sometimes I did when she wasn't looking :/ The funny thing is, I will probably not allow my girls to watch it either, :D!

    • Carlos De La Torre

      I remember waking up early in the morning to watch the "MTV Morning Countdown." Which usually consisted of 20 or so Hip Hop songs. I loved listening to the songs played on this channel because I liked listening to the lyrics and watching the music videos. The music MTV played was one of the early influences on my literacy.

    • Joelle Renee

      There was once a time when MTV played music videos 24 hours a day. And in this time, little boys and girls would search for friends who had cable and they would all go to where the cable was so that they might lip sync Madonna and Rick Astley and Michael Jackson and learn how to dance. This was a time when Milli Vanilli was cool and Paul Abdul was relatively sane. A simpler time indeed.

    • Stephanie Kennedy

      There was once a time when MTV played music videos 24 hours a day. And in this time, all the boys and girls searched for friends with cable, because cable TV was a rare, rare commodity. Once cable was located, the children made a pilgrimage to this consecrated and holy spot for hours of lip syncing and learning choreographed dance moves. It was a time, when lace was clothing and the krimping iron reigned supreme!

    • Squirl Lee

      mtv logo 1980s | Time to go the 80's! What is your favorite clothing style ...

    • Vera Cruz

      Remember when MTV played music videos!!

    • Jeannie

      1980s MTV logo

    • Sarah Keno

      1980s music

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    and that's all they did...24/7/365... I remember the first video broadcast "Video Killed the Radio..."

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    Aaah, I had this tape! I'd sit by my radio for hours waiting for a song to come on so I could hit "Play Record".

    I had a walkman all the way through college! I loved the fact that I could take my music with me! Then IPODS came out and I had to put my Walkman to rest.

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    This OMG I am such a nerd because basically my two of my favorite things combined *hyper ventilating fan girl squeals*

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    I want my MTV..


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    Used to record music off the radio!

    Hawaii Five-O - that's the original version from the 60s and 70s with Jack Lord, not to be confused with the rubbish remake (why have they even bothered! :() Jack Lord was inimitable and the theme music and opening titles are classic and unforgettable. Sigh.

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