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i like how they made it in the same fashion as the old ones. unlike tangled

TPATF- Determined by *nippy13 on deviantART

Princess Tiana. She's proof that ordinary girls can have their fairy tale ending too. Also, voodoo is bad mojo. Don't made deals with the shadow man. But little blind ladies who live deep in the swamp? They're okay.

Day 17- Best eyes princess Tiana has pretty brown eyes!!!!

IMG_4228 | Flickr She is so beautiful!

Tiana♥. Finally a Disney Princess Movie I didn't want to ravish apart at the seams? That Grimm's version is much more my style.

Tiana...she commented that she didn't think she'd like Minnesota when we told her it was snowing there (in October).

Forget about innocent storylines and tired film sequels; artists like Dante Taylor give us a different perspective of these once-sweet-and-dainty damsels.

Tiana, this is some heavenly sexiness right here. | A Definitive Ranking Of 72 Disney Princess Outfits