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    As these turf tricks prove, grass is good for more than mere lawns.
    June 27, 2012
    Warren Schultz

    Cool idea: Use turf pavers to make a checkerboard out of your driveway.

    • Mary

      Cool idea: Use turf pavers to make a checkerboard out of your driveway. --for driveway from garage to where the fence meets the house

    • Leslie Dingman James

      Turf pavers and grass for your driveway. Possible alternative someday to the gravel part of our driveway.

    • Linde Roth

      Cool idea: Use turf pavers to make a checkerboard out of your driveway. Love this and very eco friendly.

    • Kristen Warvel

      Cool idea: Use turf pavers to make a checkerboard out of your driveway. Wish I could do this on mine... Wonder about salting

    • Enide Dufresne

      The cool checkerboard yard is actually a driveway, devised using turf pavers (from $2 per square foot; for stores). Basically shallow planters, these interlocking stone blocks can handle heavy traffic and accommodate topsoil and grass seed. You'll need to plant a durable variety like tall fescue or buffalo grass and, of course, excavate the site before laying the pavers. When it's time to mow, opt for a high setting.

    • Brynne Harder

      The cool checkerboard yard below is actually a driveway. A

    • Deena ~

      turf pavers = checkerboard driveway

    • Megh Johnson

      Turf pavers on the driveway.

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