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this is so true.. I wasn't looking for love, and defintley wsnt looking for a relationship but I sure did fall in love with the person I never expected to even love me back!

I've got to stop thinking I'm in charge.. I can't always win, nor should I want that. Submitting isn't going to ruin a relationship but making someone feel like lesser of a person will

I love you Andrew. I never want you to forget how amazing you are. you will always be my forever. 8 days until you come home to me for good and we can start our forever :* <3 A. K. <3

true happiness will always be envied. Until everyone learns to be them selves, theyll never be able to be loved for who they really are.

So true, I never expected my husband but he swept me off my feet, turned my life upside down, and I love him so much for it <3

ahh :) i don't believe in meant to be. i think you work your ass off in any relationship to make it successful. and I hope i have this again someday

"I was literally thinking this just a few hours ago, the perfect guy is the one who thinks he doesnt deserve you, and spends his time trying to be the best he can be so that he can deserve you." So true! Speak to it. I'm trying to explain this right now.

Good morning love!!!! I hope you have a good day and I'm thinking about you!! I love you so much.. can't wait to get your text this morning!!!