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Foto: Buenos días mi gente preciosa. Miren a quien le gustó la sandalia

It's a monkey. It's a monkey in clothes. It's a monkey in clothes and eating watermelon. It's a monkey in clothes and eating watermelon while sitting on a fireplace mantel.

Juntos para siempre (esperan).

A Rejected Puppy And An Abandoned Kitten Adopt Each Other

This is Buttons the Jack Russell and Kitty the Cat, an orphaned puppy and an abandoned kitten who adopted each other in Battersea Centre. The vets said Kitty used to cry when she was taken away from Buttons. So cute.

Adoro los perros.!!!

Baby: mom I want to play. Mom: no darling I am too fat and to slow! Baby: no your not! Come on I want to play! Mom: honey, you know what you could do, go inside and start annoying our humans!