For once, the ubiquitous mason jar isn't the star of a DIY hack—we focused on its cap instead. #countryliving #crafts #masonjars

monogrammed wedding coasters made out of mason jar lids. #DIY

Spray paint a Mason Jar lid and add a cool vintage knob.

DIY Color Mason Jars! Do I really need to say anything more? Seriously, these jars are absolutely gorgeous and you won't believe how easy this technique is to do at home. #craft #masonjar

DIY Mason Jar Chimes! Love this!!

Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Mason Jar Superhero Banks - Fireflies and Mud Pies #kidscrafts #masonjarcrafts

Mason Jar Crafts - This Mason Jar DIY Prism Light is made from dollar store glass stones #crafts #diy #masonjar

Picture Magnets Made From Baby Food Jars! Super cute way to have fridge magnets and pictures.. I lime this but with Mason jar lids

Mr. & Mrs. Mason Jars (set of 2) | Nordstrom

Mason jar lids as coasters

Save your empty sauce jars, clean them out and wash off the labels (If you find the jars have an odor, pour a little bit of vinegar in the jar, close the lid and let sit for several hours. Wash again and the odor will be completely gone.) Sand down the lids to remove the words and pictures with fine grit sandpaper Drill a small hole in the lid Screw in a knob Fill up your jar!

Tinted Mason Jars

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bottle cap crafts - not that I have any bottle caps whatsoever - still a cool idea

DIY Mason Jar Crafts | Dollar Store Craft Ideas - Easy DIY Prism Light Project | Infographics DIY Projects #diy #masonjar #crafts


Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Lid

recycle jars by painting the lids and adding decorative knobs