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    Just like in the fridge, an open box of baking soda placed near your sheets and towels can fight musty smells.

    Shoes, coats, and bags have a way of piling up in an entryway, never quite making it to the closet. If that's the case in your home, consider this idea: Ditching the closet door and hanging hooks, baskets, and a bench instead.

    Before they're old enough to fill closets with clothes and shoes, kids will love sneaking into a DIY nook for reading and playing.

    Floating shelves, chalkboard paint, and sconces turned a standard closet into a super-functional office.

    A colorful filing cabinet and boxes look charming next to a quaint bench where you can consult paperwork, flip through a book, or stow extra supplies under the seat.

    Reclaim never-used space (like the walls of a cupboard) with vertical storage. You can purchase a dedicated pot lid rack that operates like this, but a magazine rack is another clever stand-in.

    This bathroom staple is a clever addition to a kitchen, and can be hung wherever is most helpful.

    If you've got room, transform an entire drawer into skinny storage with dowels or tension rods. Finally, you'll be able to see and grab all of your lids, sheet pans, and skillets with ease.

    Find hidden extra space in a drawer by adding just one rod. Lids rest easily on it, and stand out of the way of your other cookware.

    Smaller metal lids can find a home on a magnetic strip just like your knives do. Use it for storage all the time, or hang one near your stove so you always have a spot to set and grab lids while cooking.

    If you're handy, try building a flat rack into a pantry or closet door. The slim design that lids require won't add much bulk.

    It's the solution that's been staring you in the face the whole time: A dish-drying station (meant for holding many pieces of cookware at once, of course) is just as useful underneath the counter.

    Stick up hooks pair up to form custom-sized lid holders that fit behind a cabinet door.

    Dollar-store organizers meant for a nearly obsolete collection (aren't your CDs gathering dust?) earn a second life as a handy kitchen helper.

    These small space decorating ideas, storage solutions, and smart finds will help you maximize each square foot, regardless of the size of your house.

    This overlooked part of the house has tons of pack-it-in potential.

    Get more mileage out of your favorite fabric by lining nightstand drawers with paper photocopies of the pattern. (Bonus: You can shrink or enlarge it as you see fit.) Measure drawers and cut shapes, then secure with double-sided tape.

    These are the items that are worth finding space for in a new home.

    The base of this cabinet is made from two old doors that the owner painted to match the top. She also added blackboard paint on the insets.

    An antique seed-packet cabinet with glass-front drawers

    French mail bins organize an old factory cart.

    Get organized!

    Repurpose clean wastebaskets or laundry bins as an attractive way to contain wrapping paper or spooled fabrics.

    Cover old, clean soup cans in wrapping paper to create pretty pencil holders.

    In lieu of a closet, store clothes in a lace-lined armoire made from reclaimed wood and salvaged windows.