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His Word - Typographic Verses — The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my...

I need You to soften my heart, to break me apart. I need You to open my eyes, to see that You're shaping my life.

Psalm 19:14

This is a verse that needs to be thought about.... Share Jesus and be a light for others in the position you are in right now!!!!!!! God may have positioned someone near you to be influenced by you!!!!! Live with Urgency!!!!!

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This is the sadest song I've ever heard. For those people who don't know, it is about her best friend committing suicide. Ever time I hear it I get shivers and think about if I were to lose my best friend.

Steve Bonner

...I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you

So true!

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Keep it simple!

☮ American Hippie Art Quotes ~ Life - Adventure .. Helen Keller

Ernest Hemingway

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Your soul is rooting for you. #inspiring #quotes #stayinspired


So hard to remember this every single day! a house in the hills - interiors, style, food, and dogs

How to do all things

Life is about taking risks