Beautiful Honshu Island, Japan - adds new meaning to walking on water! This would be the coolest place to visit ever!

Waterfall castle in Poland ~ Most Unbelievable Places that really Exist

Deep sea fishing?

Train Tree Tunnel, Urkraine

Ocean View, Amalfi Coast, Italy.


I <3 Castles

Maui, Hawaii

Atlantis - Bahamas One of the most awesome places I've ever been! The aquarium is AMAZING,!

I want to visit this castle!

Top Places To See Before You Die -- This Might Take An Entire Lifetime, But At Least You’ll Know You Lived It To The Fullest. Wow.

i'd like to go there. :)

Romania OMGGGGG! I need to be here.

Hidden Beach on Marieta Islands, off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Cool Hunter - Amazing Places

Newport Mansions "The Breakers" was a spectacular site to see!

Culebra. My favorite place back home.

I dont think anyone understands how badly I need to go here!

take me there now

travel information: Trolltunga - Norway