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    • Lisa Ammons

      Don't judge me. Take the time to find out who I am before you even think about it...there are very few who know who I am. You, most likely, aren't one of them.

    • Ruby

      Everyone is different, what a shocker huh! Don't judge others, help to make their few minutes, day, life, whatever it may be just a little bit better! We all have our flaws and have/will make mistakes... we are only human!

    • Can Ceran

      I'd judged others for the bad ways they've treated me & then I sat back & realized it was just fuel to their hateful, vengeful fires that I needed to burn out. To the 2 still stalking me: One, I know who it is. The other could be that person's friend. Wanna look? Wanna judge? Fine. Judge me, my choices, & my life from afar. I'm too happy for it to affect me negatively. I don't wish that for you. But, that's your choice. You be who you are. Your actions define you, never me.

    • Sarah Belfi

      So true! Don't judge others just because they sin differently than you do.

    • Tasha Albold

      So true. I need to remember this when I am guilty of judging others myself.

    • Dora Hatch

      Words That Inspire: Inspirational Quotes 2/1

    • Julie Tierney

      Well true!

    • ASHLEY

      Don't judge me

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    Thats big.

    don't be one of those people


    So true...

    "I don't have time to hate people who hate me, cause I'm too busy loving people who love me." That's right!


    also true

    so true

    Amen! Love my sis!

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    Do you need a moment to stop being strong? It's ok. Go ahead.

    Always the truth

    Much truth and wisdom in this....

    Set the example.


    So true.