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    The most beautiful rewards are free!

    "Don't be afraid to fail. " in Typography/pattern


    Baby It's You!

    Love your frienemies as yourself! #sistir

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    May 6,7,8,14,15,20,22,28, & 29 2013 9pm on Google+ hangout Circle Love's Gumbo Lavonne Ellis, Akilah Richards, Katrina Harrell, Brooke Brimm, Shelley Chapman, Tara Pringle Jefferson, Jennifer Price Davis, Joyce Brewer, & April D. Thompson will be coming to us via google+ hangout to talk about their books, which are designed for women to stir up their lives! #sistir

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    Keep your space sacred



    it is ok!

    Never be afraid to share.

    All joy and power is within

    Not perfect, but okay with it.


    It's easy to forgive a weakling.


    I shouldn't have called you a name, but I meant the rest!


    Don't invest too much if they aren't ready.

    How are you loving?

    What's your legacy?