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  • Brandy Natalzia

    Diary of Regular Moms: Baby Clothes Quilt, perfect for the yellow striped shirt, his 'Gru' sweater, and his Spider-Man costume!

  • Jennifer Lamb

    A quilt made out of baby clothes. No more babies for me, but such a cute idea!

  • Bridgette Allen Ulrich

    Make a quilt out of babies old clothes! Love the idea of using the outfits I can't part with for something we can see... And being able to tell my daughter stories about some of them

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The baby outfits you can't part with and are put away into tubs made into a quilt... What an adorable thing for Mommy, and a great memory to share with each child when they're older! LOVE!

Baby clothes quilt. It would also be cool to make a quilt for your kid that would include scraps of clothing from all stages that you would give as a gift when they graduate or move out or get married. :)

heart quilt from old baby clothes. I want this!!! I was thinking a crazy quilt from all of my girls blankies---this might be a better option!

Baby clothes keepsake Quilt. Awesome! Gonna make for Maddie. I wish I would have kept more of my son's baby clothes. I never would've even thought of something like this 11 years ago though :(

Use baby clothes to make a quilt once they've outgrown them. Or Megan and I thought a cape would be cool if you had a boy!

Take the baby clothes you can't stand to part with and turn them into a quilt! A MUST FOR THE GIRLS!!!

I've seen this idea a few different places now, and really think its a neat idea. Make a quilt out of the outgrown baby clothes to help preserve the memories. This lady, as well as a few other sites I've seen, can make them for you. But maybe I'll attempt this as a future sewing project. :) Carrie Reese Hildreth

baby clothes quilt - for those baby clothes you just can't part with, make them into a quilt!

10 Creative Keepsake Ideas for Outgrown Baby Clothes - And the hubby wanted to make me get rid of all Bugsy's clothes...

Baby Clothes Quilt... I've always wanted to make one of these from the kids clothing I've been saving over the years. :)

Memory Quilt. I wish I had saved all the boys' baby clothes and made each of them a quilt!