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Carved Crayons - Pete Goldlust

Carved Crayons by Pete Goldlust. How impressed are you that, months after first seeing carved crayons, I am still resisting the crayon-carving bug?

Carved Wax Crayons by Hoang Tran

Carved Wax Crayons by Hoang Tran

Hoang Tran carves small wax crayons to create figures of some of the most popular pop characters.

Life is not black and white.  Life is colorful! - gofeexy.com

This is a rainbow horse. I mean this is a rainbow zebra. I like any type of zebra. Do you see the colors on his face? The blue on his coat is dark blue.

wheretreasuresreside: “Color”at Pinterest (Source: WhereTreasuresReside, via wheretreasuresreside-deactivate)

I was in an art studio in San Diego's Balboa Park and saw a terrific collection of brushes. It seemed this was better as a a painting itself then a photo so I tried to recreat a more impressionistic feeling. Here is more inspiration:

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Pete Goldlust, an Arizona artist whose materials include not only crayons but also polymer and recycled clothing.