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Kristine Kennedy -Vintage watch tins (Elgin, Excelsior, etc) are used to frame these dreaming faces, and oh what they dream....of all those watches and all that time. Polymer clay is used to form the faces and acrylic paint is applied as a patina.

Inspiration. Sculptor uses oil clay for bronzing and also works in polymer clay

I could so make these. Just need an Altoids tin and some clay! One definitely needs to be a Tardis!

Polymer & copper flower pendant by malodora

This is soooo cool!!! Polymer clay (with chain metal and glass cabochons) baked over a liquor bottle.

Polymer clay bead with a positive word reminding importance of the power of positive words.

Art Journaling - can be used as a therapeutic and/or self-care tool. I might try this... I know they say keeping a journal is good for you but I never seem to be able to sustain it. Something more creative might be the way to go.