Queen Elizabeth 1 gloves

Queen Elizabeth I's pearl and ruby necklace. Historians say it's possible that the pearls may have belonged originally to her mother, Anne Boleyn.

Queen Elizabeth the first's peacock gown OMG...that's all there is to say about it

The death of Queen Elizabeth I., as imagined by artist, Paul Delaroche (1828). In March 1603 Elizabeth was described as being unwell and seemed depressed. She took up residence in one of her favourite palaces – Richmond – close to the River Thames. She refused to allow herself to be examined, and she refused take to her bed – standing for hours on end. As her condition deteriorated her ladies-in-waiting spread cushions on the floor, and Elizabeth eventually lay down on them.

the lock of greying red hair preserved at Wilton, Queen Elizabeth I is said to have given to Philip Sidney in 1572 when she was thirty-nine

Mary Queen of Scots' death mask.

Queen Elizabeth 1 Coronation gloves

Queen Elizabeth I: In Her Own Words

Queen Elizabeth 1 gloves

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pair of shoes, which belonged to French Queen Marie-Antoinette, as part of a sale of "Historic memories of Royal Families".

Gloves of Queen Elizabeth I

Tiny gloves worn by English king Edward VI at his coronation. Edward reigned 1547-1553, aged 9 to 15. Alnwick Castle, Alnwick, Great Britain

The actual coronation gown of Queen Elizabeth I. It is amazing it survived the English Civil War and Cromwell's wrath. Most of Elizabeth's royal jewels and regalia were melted down or destroyed.

The bible of Queen Elizabeth I, 1583.

The Heneage Jewel [locket] - also called 'The Armada Jewel', 1595 ~ painting by Nicholas Hilliard. "Elizabeth I gave elaborate jewels bearing her image as a reward for outstanding services. She is said to have given this jewel to Sir Thomas Heneage, a Privy Counsellor and the Vice-Chamberlain of the Royal Household. The front of the pendant has a portrait of the queen, inscribed in Latin ‘Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queen of England, France and Ireland’ " from the Victoria & Albert Museum

All royals family tree - family tree showing everybody on the throne of England from William the Conqueror to our present Queen Elizabeth II

Bodies of (from left) James I, Elizabeth of York and Henry VII

Queen Elizabeth I

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Queen Elizabeth I's death mask