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  • Alicia Gomez

    How To Write A Passive Aggressive Note... An important life lesson

  • Margaret Ryan

    This would be a hilarious writing lesson! Real Life Skills

  • Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB)

    Just putting this out there... #funny #passiveaggressive #notes #office #lol #job

  • Amanda Koslow

    passive-aggressive note writing tips

  • Brinnan Pierce

    How To Write A Passive Aggressive Note. hahahahahaha.... Need to remember this for the lounge

  • Stephanie Iris

    "How to Write a Passive Aggressive Note" This would be a hilarious writing lesson!

  • Rayna Switchblade

    Hahaha yes! (My fave part is the "Suggest highly improbable consequences." ...the example using feral cats as a probable next step to leaving dirty dishes in the sink is spot on and hilarious — How to write a passive aggressive note

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