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Random Pictures Of The Day – 60 Pics

Neil DeGrasse Tyson♥

Neil DeGrasse Tyson



So true for me

haha so true

So true!

Talking back to patriarchy, part 4: Joining the great modesty debate

This. This is so true

True story! Although I wouldn't say sometimes, but all the time!

.Omg.. this is way to funny!

Laughed way too hard at this!

all the time

Evangelicals Marriage

And they sure are. :)

There are two types of people in this world: people you want to drink with and people who make you want to drink.

every time

Now I don't want to do it...

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 75 Pics

haha too true! lol

It's very true

Probably true.

Intelligence is about more than being able to solve math problems. Think about what type of intelligence different animals have. Migratory birds, for example, can fly thousands of miles to a pre-planned destination without a map. (Image: villagedog: From Waterfowl in Iowa Source: The Bookworks) #checkmate #observation #spiritanimals

So Listen-- It's Not Religious Discrimination Just Because You Can't Discriminate.