Quick tip! Fill in the blanks with your liner for a more finished look!

step by step perfect winged eye liner(cat eye)! Thank you MAC

Bridal Makeup: Classic Cat Eyeliner. Would this be weird with red lips and blue hair?

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About. Soften the harsh liquid eye liner line with metallic brown shadow over the liner.

Glamorcast | Makeup - Beauty - Fashion: Smokey black/brown liner


The Winged Shadow/Liner Makeup Wipe Trick!

Never thought to do that!

The Eyeline

Eye liner


How to: eyeliner

50's Retro Makeup, "Cat-Eye" Liner Effect

winged liner & lashes done in a way to “widen” the eye

My Soul is the Sky: How to Tightline Eyes + Quick Eyeshadow Tutorial

TBD Crease Line

Purple Liner

Love this diagram! It works best using a liquid eyeliner pen, rather than brush, so you have more control. #makeup tips #eyeliner

eye liner technique