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Baby Otters


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  • Angie Dyer

    Sea otter | SEA OTTERS!!!! The Otter One! Cute Baby Animals! <3 for FB!

  • Stephanie Knebel

    baby otters, so cute #baby #animals #otters

  • Frances Hernandez

    Baby Otters: level of cuteness = astronomical. I think I may have pinned this already, but these two cuties deserve two pins!!

  • Abbey Kratzat

    Baby otters! They never cease to make me smile or squeal with delight.

  • Marcie Hutt

    MY class is going to LOVE learning about sea otters! who could resist these cute critters?!

  • Lynnette Miller

    Baby otters. So Cute I want a pet one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not that we'll ever see it, but I hope there are corgi pups somewhere in the palace so that Prince George can have pics like this!

If u don't think that this is cute then u probably need to go the doctor

always wanted a little lab. I remember when my Chief was this little. 10yrs old now.

Ssshhhh...little one is trying to sleep and her little look of annoyance at being disturbed is most expressive.

Awww my dog scared the shit out of my parents when they found him in my cradle with me

how can some humans look at animals all the time and never really see that they are more than just animals. Look at that love!

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