Ron van der Ende

Ron van der Ende is a sculptor from the Netherlands whose sculptures consist of 3D paintings on scraps of reclaimed wood.
  • Ashley

    cassette tapes Ron van der Ende bas-relief in salvaged wood

  • Juan Quintas

    Esculturas Foto-realísticos por RON VAN DER ENDE

  • Sanela Begovic

    Ron van der Ende is a Rotterdam, The Netherlands based sculptor who creates marvelous sculptures constructed from found wood. He specializes in wall mounted bas-reliefs created by collecting old wood stuff. His work would definitely make you wonder if they are actually made of wood and that too be old and wasteful wood."The original color and texture of the wood is utilized to form a gripping and realistic mosaic. The realism is further enhanced by the perspective built into the relief. Ron uses his method to conjure up dark industrial and space age imagery", as described on his website.

  • e z l

    Ron van der Ende; Axonometric Array. Wooden sculptures of cassettes. Modern Art.

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