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Amsterdam: Made by Hand

An essential guide for any design lover making a trip to the Netherlands: stylist Pia Jane Bijkerk's Amsterdam: Made by Hand, a compendium of shops and vintage sources.

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chinese basket.PS I love those moments when I realize I don't have a board for it. I think I should have one called "stuff" or "miscellaneous" or "not a clue". We'll see...

♥ - on the hunt for some big baskets like these to put extra blankets/pillows in in the living room

In my dream of a laundry room ... every fabric in waiting is vintage and cherished. After all .... why labour over washing ANYTHING (100 times) that isn't absolutely beautiful, right???

An Angami handmade basket hanging upside down. These types of baskets are traditionally used by the Angami tribe, (largest ethnic group of Nagaland, India) and are worn on the back with the weight being carried mainly by the carriers head, using the headstrap. Image credit Rita Willaert.

Garden pickings ready for that fabulous salad or side dish. No need to kill a lamb or baby goat.

Crisp autumn weather, blue sky, fall colors in the trees, mountains, fresh, delicious, juicy apples and someone to pick with you...not much better than that

Natural and neutral, basket and striped blanket.

Keep basket with blanket and pillow next to the sofa for comfy time in front of the TV

kristinvald.... love the cardigan

Who knew that bed and bath items could double as sweet home décor. I love it. I know this is probably other whites but it gives me a good idea!