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    Children in bomb shelter, England, 1940-41

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    • Fighting Loneliness

      WWII - British children huddled in a makeshift bomb shelter experience a range of emotions as they endure an attack by Hitler's Air Force.

    • KernowWitch

      British children huddled in a makeshift bomb shelter experience a range of emotions as they endure an attack by Hitler's Air Force - The History Place - World War II in Europe Timeline

    • Mikael Ahavamykh

      1940 - England - Batlle of Britain. Children in an English bomb shelter. Photo by British Information Service*

    • Fernando Canzonetta

      Battle of Britain. Children in an English bomb shelter.” England, 1940-41 From British Information Service/U.S. Office of War Information Thanks to Shorpy Historic Photo Archive - View full size

    • erica motter

      WWII Polish Children Hiding in Graves from armed forces.... black and white historical photo, european history, genocide.

    • Michael Kaufling

      World War II: Battle of Britain - Children in an English bomb shelter, England, 1940-41 This is a truly remarkable photo some people did not even have bomb shelters

    • Sara Beard

      World War II: Battle of Britain - Children in an English bomb shelter, England, 1940-41

    • sandi garduno

      The Blitz, 1940. English bombshelter.

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    On 2 July 1942, most of the children of Lidice, a small village in what was then Czechoslovakia, were handed over to the Łódź Gestapo office. Those 82 children were then transported to the extermination camp at Chełmno 70 kilometers away. There they were gassed to death. This remarkable sculpture by by Marie Uchytilová commemorates them.

    Five women are lined up in front of a German firing squad. The execution of hostages, especially women and children, was often used in retaliation for resistance. Celje, 1942. Lydia Chagoll

    mother with baby

    Vietnam War.

    March 1944: A child in the Ozarichy hostage holding camp tries to wake up his mother, who has been murdered by the Germans. Ozarichy in Kalinkovichy region of Belarus was large fenced-in area on the German front line holding local civilians as human shields against Soviet attacks. The hostages were left without shelter, food, and water and were decimated by exposure, gunfire, and hunger. When Soviet troops finally defeated the Germans in the area, they found 15,960 children among the hostages.

    A forest of corpses confronts a man at Bergen-Belsen. British troops who liberated the camp on April 15, 1945 found 60,000 men, women and children dead and dying of starvation and disease. That number - 60,000 - is 1/100th of the total number of human beings slaughtered by the Third Reich.

    London, England October 21, 1940 - Royal Army engineers sit and drink their tea on the edge of a bomb crater in the middle of London.

    Toni Frissell: Boy sitting in the rubble of his home where his parents lie buried after a V-2 bomb hit, London, January 1945

    The end WWII

    Vietcong child fighters share a cigarette, 1967

    From WWII, "Sailor beware! Loose talk can cost lives." 1942.

    This WWII poster encourages women on the home front to "Sew For Victory" in support of the war. Designed by Pistchal for New York City WPA War Services between 1941 and 1943.

    Post Much Earlier this Xmas. Circa 1940. $15.00 #vintage #christmas #dog

    A girl emerges from a bomb shelter surounded by the ruins of Nagasaki. August 10, 1945. Yōsuke Yamahata

    A soldier rescuing Vietnamese children.

    13-year old Hitler Youth captured by the Allies near Nartinzell, 1945

    Irene Sendler, the 97-year-old Polish woman who saved 2,500 Jewish children during the holocaust.

    Mrs. Mary Couchman, a 24-year-old warden of a small Kentish Village, shields three little children, among them her son, as bombs fall during an air attack on October 18, 1940. The three children were playing in the street when the siren suddenly sounded. Bombs began to fall as she ran to them and gathered the three in her arms, protecting them with her body. Complimented on her bravery, she said, "Oh, it was nothing. Someone had to look after the children."

    Sweetest picture!! Soldier comforting a very small child.

    WORLD WAR II: BOMB SHELTER. A woman kneeling beside a girl in a bunk bed in a bomb shelter located in a subway tunnel beneath London, England, 1940-45, during World War II. Photographed by Tony Frissell.