diy side twist fishtail braid.

Front Side Twist

side fishtail braid with long sweepy bangs

Side braid

full side french braid

Twist hair, add in new pieces into the twist every couple times. Then after you get as far as you want, begin doing a simple fishtail braid all the way down.

3 Fancy Hair Dues


How to properly insert a bobby pin for and updo, braid or twist! xo

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Braid tutorials

floating braid.

Waterfall Braid

Braided hairdo tutorial, and other things I'm loving today.

How To Make A Side Twist Fishtail Braid | hairstyles tutorial

fishtail braids

Fishtail waterfall braid

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I've already done this hair do 3 times now! Thanks, Pinterest, for helping me branch out with my hair style!