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Batter dispenser. This would make my life so easy.

Batter Dispenser. Love the idea of this. Would ensure maintaining a clean counter and pan while making cupcakes.

Batter dispenser for muffins, pancakes, etc. without the mess! Want this.

Cool gadget! Batter dispenses from the bottom... great for pancake batter!

Clean out a ketchup bottle and add your pancake batter. This will allow you to squeeze out as much as you want without dealing with all the mess. This would also work great with mustard and honey bottles, or any other squeezable bottles.

Awesome idea. But it's kind of big and ugly... But I like the concept

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 24 Pics

Corn Kerneler does the messy part for you, by removing the corn from the cob $12.00.

These are SOOO yummy! I made them without the candy bar center and chocolate topping (just for ease) and WOW!

This is genius! I already put holiday cards and napkins, etc. Into a gift bag associated with the past events celebration, but the bags, until now, have been set upright on top shelves of closets. THIS idea would also allow quick access to holiday supplies for gift giving, not just hold memories. Plus, it would put items within reach!