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  • Meg Horowitz

    4 YEARS OF VET SCHOOL | When I don't feel well

  • Corgan Miller

    Adventure Time jake's face

  • Gabi V

    Adventure Time "I'm sick" pretty much how you were feeling the other day and how I'm feeling now hahaha

  • Jerbrét Seigs

    ❤️Love, how are zhu doing?; -are zhu feeling any better at all?; what is/was it?; how're zhu mao? How 'bout mao?; I passt by zhu around three but zhu lookt busy in some meeting and zhu told me to stay away; so, I didna come to see how zhu were doing -zhu lookt a little better at least?; Can zhu still come to the dance?... *hergl**hergl**hrgl**hrgl**hrgl* ♡ *hrgl* ♥♥ :* ---That dog is a perfect rendition of me at exactly 1:45 yesterday. I'm fine, it was just my first cramp of the period and those things hurt like nothing you can imagine, the closest being a sadistic someone slowly stabbing and slashing through your lower stomach area. For hours. The beds in the nurses office were taken when I came in, so I had to use two chairs in the detention room and watch JT eat a sandwich I front of me while enduring this pain. Remember, my lunch had been cracker jacks. When the nurse came back from her meeting she set me up the farthest bed from sound, gave me a heat pad and after I had gotten my stuff from class, given me some Advil and let me sleep. Which I did about till 2:50. I felt beyond better (Pain Meds WOOT) and went to SADD, and I shouted for you to have a good weekend, but good for you listening to me. :* My parents only came around 4:40 because of traffic and I was at stage crew at the time. I'm fine. Beyond fine. I love you. Tonight was incredible and you made it so. I miss your lips, Love. ❤ ... That's what I thought it was :\ -Ai vheel bad vhoor zhu *huggle* *huggle* ; when this happens in the future, what is there I can do for zhu? ♥ ... Mwrmp -maor bad feeling ♥ -Vhel szaats'z ghoot zhu ghot that *huggle* -Ookei, szo Advil and warmth and rest -ghot it *nod* :* -vhen dheet zhu shout for me to have a good weekend? Good for me listening to zhu? :*:* -Ookei, ghoot *huggle*; vhel ai nhu bhai lhaaszdh nhait zhu vher vhain ;) -vheesc vhass amazing and /zhu/ too made it so... We made it so :* *hug* ... :** I miss zhoor lips too, Darling ♡♥️

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