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Sydney Opera House - nuns hats analogy - a cornette wimple

Robert Campin 1425-8 , The Merode Alterpiece, detail -wimple and 2 veils

Henriette Browne - A Nun (Mme Jules de Saux) 1850-70 (Sudley House, Liverpool, United Kingdom)


"The Sydney Opera House TotallyLooksLike.com the Flying Nun's hat." by jlgrand62

"tim minchin. so rock: check out his play, So Rock at the opera house this month" by Flickr user cybele malinowski

Audrey in Sydney Opera House hat


Max Dupain, Sydney Opera House, 1969


Max Dupain, Sydney Opera House in construction, Sydney, 1972

1495: Portrait of a Woman of the Hofer Family, Artist unknown. Interesting thing happening on her pleats. Also, fabulous hat!

Sydney Opera House Australian Aboriginal dot style Painting on Canvas 88 x 45 cm | eBay



Also nun party.

Nuns in the snow

RECONSTRUCTION Excellent butterfly hennin notes & ideas.


Medieval Europe, 13th - early 14th century. THE MODE IN HATS AND HEADDRESSBy R. Turner Wilcox

two nuns