<3 red hot!



Aritzia dress



Aritzia. Love these colours!

red hot

Love the color.

so bold so sex.

TB Blythe Dress

fab <3

Aritzia colour blocking

fashion & evening <3 timeless dress - Nettie Rosenstein 1930's...

Wilfred SONORE DRESS | Aritzia

Aritzia. Wilfred - Diderot Cardigan

Hot Pink Aritzia dress

Auxiliary Mini Bega Satchel bag, available at Aritzia.com.

<3 Herve Leger Two Tone Ilia Dress

It's baaaack! The Community Ionic Cape, now available exclusively online at Aritzia.com.

Babaton BENNETT DRESS | Aritzia Not fond of this particular colour