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Easy ombre nails!

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Nail art - nail tutorial - nail polish triangle design using 1/16" tape - Instagram photo by pixiedustz - #nailart

How to; To mix nail polish, put just a tiny bit of water in a cup, then, add whatever nail polishes you like. Stir, till mixed how you want it. Then, rub vaseline on just your skin around your finger nails. Dab each finger nail into the nail polish, then let it dry. Once it has dried, apply Black Crackle. Add a clear coat, then you're finished! :)

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Butter London Valentine Nails: Macbeth & Trout Pout

Cute valentines day nail tutorial

Cute nails

Heart mani - Click image to find more nail art posts

Valentines Day Nail Art

Valentines Nails


I love them! These nails bring me right back to the early 90's - when bold colors and funky designs were all the rage. Now I just need some doorknocker earrings, a starter jacket, bright lipstick and a pair of guess jeans. Oh, and side B of my mixed tape. Do I smell CK1? Lol :)

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